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Strama paper(Waterfront: Appendices 1)

I.            Appendices

Physical Structure

Sample Survey Question


            *Respondents who are already experienced the services of the 4 hotels in Cebu:Mactan Shangri-La Hotel and Resort,Cebu Holiday Plaza, Waterfront Hotel, Hilton Cebu and Spa.

 1. In what hotel or resort do you often stay when you’re on vacation?­

2. What Hotel has the good price and at the same time a good service rendered?

3. What hotel has the minimal waiting time in line at “check-in?”

4. What hotel has courteously greeted you at front desk?

5. What hotel has the best reservation before you arrive?

6. What hotel has a good bell person promptly after “check-in”?

7. What hotel has a good housekeeping service timely and efficient during your stay?

8. The best hotel service with courtesy and helpfulness of the person that will take care of your room service order.

9. What hotel has the best service?

10. What would encourage you to come back to this Hotels?

Strama paper(Waterfront: Internal Analysis 1)

Strama paper(Waterfront: Internal Analysis 1) I. Executive Summary Hotel industry is one of the sections in the business that is impossible to fade away because of its importance to the customers, most likely the tourists. Philippines is one of the most-seen countries in Asia because of its natural richness and it is environmentally wise. A lot of tourists from Australia, Europe, and North America go outside their countries to have a break from the busy life in the city. Philippines have enough facilities that can surely attract people from other countries to come and see the greatness, and experience the life away from the city. It also has a very colorful and deep history that people will surely want to know, see, and even feel. Every country has its own attractions and because of that, every single one of them need a place for the tourists to stay-in while they are exploring and enjoying the beauty of the country. Waterfront Hotel and Casino is one of the leading Hotels and Casinos in Cebu, for its richness in historical sites and exciting destinations. Waterfront Hotel and Casino beckons you to catch the sights and hear the sounds of one of the most exotic venues in Asia. Feel the warmth of hospitality for which Filipinos are world-famous. Cebu proudly carries the distinct attribute of being one of the first themed casinos in the Philippines with a 19th century inspired ambiance. Its meticulously-designed interiors are reminiscent of a gaming plaza, while equipped with modern facilities meant for the total enjoyment of gaming patrons. More than all these are the courtesy and friendliness of casino staff which give customers a “Truly Southern Experience.” However, Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa is leading in the comparative analysis followed by Waterfront Hotel and Casino. The analysis suggest that even though the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino is not on the lead among its competitors, it is evidently in a good position for earning an above-average score and responding effectively in both internal and external factors, also they got above-average effectiveness in response to the functional areas of a business such as finance, marketing, operations, accounts and others that depend upon the nature of business and its size which is important. In the Strategic Position and Action Evaluation Matrix or the SPACE Matrix determines what type of strategy a company should undertake. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino has a strong competitive position in the market with rapid growth. Thus, it needs to use its internal strengths and take advantage of the external opportunities, to overcome internal weaknesses, and avoid external threats to develop a market penetration and market development strategy. In the Boston Consulting Group Matrix or the BCG Matrix, the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino is on Quadrant I, indicating that the business has a high market share in a growing market. II. Internal Assessment Company Background Waterfront Philippines, Inc. (WPI) was registered as an investment holding company for hotel, leisure and tourism businesses. WPI initially operates through its two wholly owned subsidiaries, namely, Waterfront Mactan Casino Hotel, Inc. (WMCHI) and Waterfront Cebu City Casino Hotel, Inc. (WCCCHI). On March 23, 1995, WPI acquired Waterfront Promotion Ltd., (WPL) from Waterfront Amusement & Gaming Limited (WAGL) and became its wholly owned subsidiary. WPL was incorporated in the Cayman Islands to primarily provide international marketing and promotion of hotels and casinos. Being an investment holding company in hotel or hospitality and gaming or recreation businesses, WPI has a strategic advantage in the marketplace. It can move and position itself to grab opportunities in hospitality industry, which is known to be highly competitive. The world class facilities that it brings to the Province of Cebu are designed to provide a diverse and complete entertainment system that will attract local, regional, and international visitors. *Source: SEC Form 17-A Being the building blocks of the service and hospitality culture of Waterfront Hotels and Casinos, every employee is placed in the forefront of the service chain. As the link of the organization to its customers, employees are guided to perform vital roles in realizing common yet critical and multi–faceted goals and objectives for the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction which is critical to the overall business success of the organization. Waterfront Hotel and Casino maintained its long-standing social programs, working hand in hand with civic organizations such as the Mariquita Salimbangon Yeung Charitable Foundation whose project Operation Smile provides reconstructive facial surgery to indigent children and young adults. A special long time partner is the Kapwa ko Mahal Ko Foundation which was formed by group of media people as a public service program for under privileged, cancer-stricken children seeking medical attention. Every year Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino hosts a Christmas Party for the children under the care of KKMK. For the objective of achieving customer satisfaction, management and employees of the Waterfront Hotels and Casinos are enjoined towards strategic and collaborative efforts in maintaining the organization in competitive shape. The Waterfront Ways Program sets the framework of service and hospitality culture in the Property Hotel through which management and employees take a participatory stance in mapping out a strategic and collaborative effort to be competitive in the hospitality industry. Launching of the Waterfront Ways Program officially starts the process of shaping the service and hospitality culture of Waterfront Hotels and Casinos in a Property Hotel. The program is maintained and distributed through the Waterfront Ways Leaflets which bears the mission statement of Waterfront Hotels and Casinos, slogan and the featured “Waterfront Way” or “Ways to go” featured for the day and the Waterfront Ways Posters, designed to capture thoughts, images and ideas conveyed by the Waterfront Ways Program. These are displayed in areas where these are highly visible to employees for their awareness about the Waterfront Ways Program to be reinforced constantly and be reminded all the time of the call to collaborative actions. A. Mission/ Vision MISSION To provide equal opportunities and fair treatment to all employees for growth and advancement. To pursue relentlessly a means to capture and augment business with the highest level of integrity in the pursuit of profitability. To carry out company plans and programs with the highest degree of professionalism. To spearhead community based projects for the development of the tourism industry. To reach out to every customer with utmost passion, dedication and excellence. VISION To be the leader in the Tourism industry committed to provide the gracious Filipino hospitality towards total customer satisfaction.

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